Wednesday, June 22, 2011


God's painting on a canvas bigger than anything we could see or imagine. --Louie Giglio

We've been watching The Heart of Passion series with the high schoolers of HUB during Summer Nights. Last night we watched, "Hope: When Life Hurts Most." Louie described life as a whole as a beautiful canvas that God is painting. We can't see the whole picture - but God is working everything for eternal good. Despite our circumstances, when you look at the cross you can be assured that God loves you...even when your circumstances may be telling you otherwise. It was beautiful to watch teenagers who have dealt with hurt and pain come to a point where they could see the beauty of the cross and understand that their lives are being painted on God's canvas. What's at the center of the canvas? The part of the picture that shines most brightly and the eye can't help but be drawn to over and over again? The cross.
I found this picture on the internet...I just googled canvas. I love how the prominent feature is a tree. Just like the cross.

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