Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Working Through Things

I swear I'm not a hippee. I also swear I don't condone murderer. I believe in justice. But I am a little overwhelmed by all the true burning hate everyone in the world feels towards Casey Anthony. Now if all that I read on Twitter and Facebook were about wanting justice for Caylee Anthony, I would understand so much more. But not a word about Caylee. Not a single word for her and her gruesome death. Not a word about the messed up world we live in that there are people out there who would murder children. Just sheer hate for Casey Anthony. Did she kill her daughter or didn't she? I don't know. Most people seem 100% convinced she did. I didn't watch any of the trial so I can't say. But did they watch it enough to come to that conclusion? Did they look at all the evidence and say - YES - 100% without a shadow of a doubt Casey Anthony murdered her daughter? Would they want to be on the jury? The one who's decision would mean the life or death of another human being? I wouldn't ever want that burden. I've read statuses that say "Burn in hell Casey Anthony" or "Watch out Casey Anthony, I'm coming to our house with a gun tonight." Seriously?! Again, NOT in any way saying that I think anyone who has done something completely punch you in the stomach awful like committed murder should go free. Of course I don't believe that. I'm just overwhelmed with reactions. I just wish more people were talking about the grief and heartbreak about the death of Caylee. I wish I saw a passion for justice in what people are saying. Instead I see hate breeding hate and death breeding another kind of death - the death of mercy.
Thank goodness it's not about us. Thank goodness we have a Savior who is bigger than all of this. Thank goodness we have a Father in Heaven who loves justice and loves grace. Thank goodness we have a Savior who loved us enough to die for us. Thank goodness it's not up to us.

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