Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Tuscaloosa - what a trip! Here is a shot of the entire group - 55 - showing off our best YOLO. On Saturday night at dinner my table was in, shall we say, an odd mood. We started looking up tweets with #yolo. Sure enough the ridiculousness of people had us laughing so hard we were crying. So what did we do from there - use that phrase every single moment of every single day. It became out catchprase because let's face it "You only live once."
The trip had some major highlights: circle time at night, clearing the debris from 3 devastating sites, twin trickery by Matt and Mike in Midtown Village, eating and then dancing to Murphy music at Dreamland BBQ, and the list goes on and on. It was so cool to see a group of 55 come together under our theme verse of Philippians 2:15 - Shine like stars in the universe. This group shined. They shined for Christ as they got a picture of what it looks like to live for Him. All the praise and glory goes to God for this incredible trip. No doubt he was up to things in each of our hearts. I was so thankful to be a part of that awesome group!!!

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