Monday, October 22, 2012

To Be Known

In today's Jesus Calling...
“Start talking with Me about whatever is on your mind. Rejoice in the fact that I understand you perfectly, and I know exactly what you are experiencing. As you continue communicating with Me, your mood will gradually lighten. Awareness of My marvelous Companionship can infuse Joy into the grayest day.”

The temptation is to ask for people to fill a role that only Jesus can fill. The temptation is to look to our "people"-  parents, siblings, friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, spouse - to meet our desire to know and to be known. When our "people" can't love us the way we need to be loved - we get mad at them. When our "people" don't say the right thing or don't understand perfectly - we feel disconnected. But that's exactly it, those PEOPLE were never supposed to fill those needs and desires. Only God can know us fully and intimately. Only God can understand us perfectly. Only God can help us entirely through a situation. God alone has all the answers. We were built to be in an intimate relationship with the one who created us and that was made possible by our Savior, Jesus, who granted us access to God the Father. 

We give ourselves away emotionally to others. We give ourselves away physically to others. We seek intimacy with people only to find ourselves feeling more alone. 

When it comes to understanding why we feel lonely after the physical I think this guy puts it really well.

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