Wednesday, September 7, 2011

oh dear, I'm afraid it's been a while again

Well with Matt back to the books with grad school, perhaps I will make more time for my blog! It's unlikely that I'll stick with it...but hey! a girl can try. With Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, I'm afraid the 'ole blog gets tossed to the wind.
This weekend we're heading to Rock the Universe!!!
It's my third time leading this trip.
Year one: Friday night at Rock the Universe at Universal Studios...headed back to Tampa for a lock-in at the HUB. Last all nighter I hope to ever pull. Around 35 total.
Year two: Friday night at Rock the Universe at Universal Studios, spent the night in a Orlando hotel, then Saturday at Islands of Adventure, then back to Tampa that late afternoon. Around 42 total.
Year three: Friday AND Saturday night at Rock the Universe at Universal Studio, two nights in an Orlando hotel, and ALL DAY Saturday at Islands of Adventure. Around 51 total.
Perhaps I'm growing more insane with age? Nahh...I love this weekend! It's such a great way to jump-start the fall!

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