Monday, September 19, 2011

Lately it's been about JOY and being CONTENT

I realized today that a lot of my life lately has been filled with JOY. I also think the word CONTENT has described things. I feel like I'm in a rhythm and it has me satisfied. Satisfied with my relationship with Jesus - when that's right, it all becomes right. I've taken on more this year and I worried that with more "stuff" would come more stress. But the Lord is faithful and He makes it all work. If he brings me to something and it's what I'm supposed to be doing then it will work out well.
New thing #1: Yoga. Who would have known it? I am not your typical yogi...and maybe since I've only been doing it for a month it's too early to call me a yogi...but I'm really loving it. One of the biggest indicator that I am committed is that I get up twice a week at 6am for 6:30 classes. And for those who know me best...I am not a morning person. I'm the type who would get a 9:30am class in college and be devastated that I would have to wake up so early for class to make it in time. I've also had back problems for more than 10 years which over the past 5 years has become neck and shoulder problems. I think yoga is the first thing to help me - not cure it - but help it.
New thing #2: two new bible studies. One for me - CBS. I meet with about 200 other women in South Tampa every Thursday morning to go through the book of Luke. We're only on week two but I am loving it. There are also a few people my age there which is a bonus! Two for 9th grade girls. I am meeting with some freshman girls Wednesday after school and they are HUNGRY to be filled and satisfied with truth. They just want to grow and know Jesus more and it is such an encouragement.
Continuing thing that is so good #1: My job. I love my job. I get to love on teenagers and tell them about the best life possible: one in relationship with Jesus Christ. I am constantly amazed that I get paid to do what I LOVE and what fulfills me. I've wanted to do this since I was 16 and yes there are hard days when I wonder how I will get through - but Jesus gets me through. I love my teenagers - they are the best. From every hysterical middle school boy to mature and fun high school girl and every teenager in between - Jesus continues to give me a heart for them and bring me new ones.
Continuing thing that is so good #2: my number one partner in ministry, Matt. This morning I was like can you believe we get to do this together? This is our life! Last night we ran through the fountains at Curtis Hixon park with about 40 middle schoolers and then did it all over again with about 30 high schoolers. Talk about faces filled with joy. We were like a bunch of 10 year olds. It was so freeing to just run through those fountains. What a picture of the gospel to just run with arms wide open through gushing water - joy. Christ brings joy. Matt gave the chapel talk at St. Mary's today (and although slightly embarrassed when he said it because 300 tiny faces turned and stared at me) he shared that the thing to look for in your spouse is someone who wants to go out into the world and share the gospel (the good news) with you to everyone, everywhere. He's right...that is just the best.
So I am JOYFUL with all that I have and I am CONTENT right where I am because God is good.

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