Sunday, November 6, 2011

Surgery 101

About 10-12 years ago a new bone decided to grow on my foot. I have had bunions since late middle school and have had pain from them since high school. Closed toed shoes are a nightmare. Even just ballet flats. Heels - would have shooting pain after about 30 minutes. Forget trying to be on my feet very long - even in comfy tennis shoes it was awful. The worst was winter - I would wake up in the morning - having not had shoes on for hours and the cold would just make them hurt. Well Thursday was the day. Thursday I had surgery to remove my right bunion. Too bad surgery isn't just a walk in the park. It's Sunday afternoon and I've had my foot elevated and iced ever since - I still can't walk. But the fact that this is just a bit of pain now for a lifetime free from bunion pain - it's worth it. In two weeks on Nov. 17th I'll get my left bunion removed. So I'll have to do this weekend all over again. Each foot has to be in a boot for 6 weeks - so 4 weeks with double boot and 8 weeks with boots in all. I say boot - it's more like a super big Teeva. I think all these years of bunions have prevented me from being a runner. So maybe I'll be a runner now. Doubtful. But I do know I can go for walks, play tennis, etc. (things I love) without any more pain! I'll have a scar to show for it. I can keep my heels on a weddings and not have to switch to flats! I'm going to be brand new!!! For now, I'll keep hopping, keep icing, keep resting. But in 8 weeks, watch out, I'm going to be running all over the place!

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